I like animals, politics, reading about economics. I don't like to cook (yet) and I don't like cold wind. Occasionally, I like to program some stuff and take care of my little corner on the internet.

I'm an ecologial and environmental activist (I help environmental organisations from time to time) and I support ecosocialism CONFIRMAR (I'm a member of DiEM25, of LIVRE and of the European Society for Ecological Economics).

I'm trying to surface humanity's potential, in a fair and sustainable way. That means I'm not really interested in making ultra-advanced robots, but more interested in helping people from the whole world live together and be happy. I'm in favor of standards, free libre open source software (just like this wesbite!), copyleft licenses and cooperatives instead of monopolies.

I'm very passionate about Doughnut Economics and political, social and ecological/environmental economics. I used to be a progammer. These day I study system dynamics at the University of Bergen, so that one day I can be an economist or build policies (not to be a politician); who knows, maybe for the Europen Union.

I live (at the moment) in Bergen, Norway.

If you wanna see a picture of me, here you have it!

This website tries to be as sustainable as possible: we save energy on your device and on servers. It's powered by renewables (courtesy of Uberspace) and heavily inspired by Low Tech Magazine's solar version.